Logo Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Rover Scout Jocelyn Buck of 1st Albion whose design was selected as the winning submission in the Quest for the PJ Logo! Jocelyn’s design features two of British Columbia’s most well-known legends; the Sasquatch and Ogopogo.     Thank you to everyone who submitted a design! We received 15 designs from Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers across Canada. Each design brought a unique take on the broad theme of Myths and Legends. We saw everything from griffins and dragons, to unicorns and centaurs.
Myths and Legends logo
  The PJ logo will be featured on most things PJ 2019 related; including jamboree media, souvenirs, and of course, the jamboree crest given to all participants and OOS. 

Myths & Legends!

The Pacific Jamboree theme for 2019 is Myths & Legends! What Myths or Legends do you want to see at PJ? Let us know on our Twitter feed or Facebook page.