Patrol Registration is at capacity. We are now accepting Patrols on a waitlist.

The Registration team is excited to announce that Patrol registration has reached capacity for PJ 2019! 
However, we know that things happen and plans change, forcing some Patrols to cancel.  If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still a chance you could get a spot.  New Patrols will be placed on a waitlist based on the date that both their registration form and deposit are on file.

Note: OOS (Offers of Service) registration must be completed separately

Groups register Patrols only – no individual registrations accepted. Groups can register more than one Patrol. Payment must be made by patrol(s) versus by individual. If your Group is registering more than one patrol, you can pay for them on one Group cheque.

Patrol size

Groups can register Patrols of up to 11 people per Patrol which include a maximum of 8 youth and a minimum of 2 Scouters per Patrol (e.g. 8 youth and 2 or 3 Scouters). Please note that some adventures (program activities) may be limited to Patrol sizes of 10 so that a unit with 8 youth and 3 Scouters may be required to have 1 Scouter step back from participating in that specific activity.


Payment can be made by Group cheque only and must be for all members of each Patrol. Registration costs and dates for payments

  • Participant (early registration) $550 – payment completed by December 31, 2018
  • Participant (late registration) $600 – payment completed after December 31, 2018
  • 1st payment, $200/participant (~33% of registration), made within 30 days of registering in system and prior to date of 2nd payment date
  • 2nd payment, $200/participant (~33% of registration) due December 31, 2018 or $350/participant for those wishing to take advantage of the early registration discount due December 31, 2018
  • 3rd and final payment, remaining outstanding amount including any equipment rental, due by April 30, 2019

Cheques are to be made out to “Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree ” and mailed to:

Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree 505 Marigold Rd Victoria, BC V8Z 4R5

More information, including gear rental for participants can be found in the Participant section of the website.

Have questions about the Participant Registration process? Contact


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