Two years is less time than you think!

The Pacific Jamboree, hosted by BC-Yukon Councils, is held every four years and participation is open to all youth of Scout age who are registered members of Scouts Canada, L’Association des Scouts du Canada and Scout Units from National Scout Organizations who are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Offer of Service (OOS) is open to Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Volunteers including former members who wish to participate. We look forward to seeing you in July 2019!


  1. Hi – we have quite a few Scouts interested in attending.

    When will more detailed information be posted??

    • Hi there. Great to hear there is interest in attending PJ! Registration will open in the first quarter of this year for OOS. Participant registration is expected to open mid-2018. As for registration costs, were still working to finalize them, but we can tell you participant registration will cost between $500 and $600, and OOS registration will be about $400. We expect to have all of this info formally announced soon!

  2. Will PJ be open to Guiding units?

  3. Will Guiding patrols be allowed be welcome at PJ?

    • Hi there. Guiding patrols have been invited in the past, and we would expect it to be the same in 2019. We expect this information to be confirmed and released with the registration information, which will be released shortly.

  4. What does the camp fee cover, for example is food included

    • Hi there. Camp fee does include food for the week, most program, and transportation to/from PJ programs. Detailed information about what is or isn’t included will be released soon.

  5. Jim Golab - 89th Windsor Ontario Scout Troop

    We would be coming in from Ontario. Which airport would be fly into? Would there be transportation to and from the camp site from / to the airport? Cost? How about equipment shipment? Will the meals be prepared or do we need to bring cooking equipment? Are open fires allowed at each camp site? Is there a grocery store on site? Is there going to be a prepared menu? Is there an activity listing? Sorry there are a lot of questions, scouts are excited and have already started to fundraise.

  6. Jim Golab - 89th Windsor Ontario Scout Troop

    More questions from Windsor. Is there going to be a deposit for the camp? If so how much and when is it due by? Will it be per participant? Is there a group fee?

    • Hello Jim. We’re happy to hear your group’s excitement for PJ, and we look forward to seeing you all at the jamboree! To answer your questions: The closest airport is Victoria International (YYJ), about an hour away from Camp Barnard. There will be transportation available to groups from the airport or ferry terminal- more information about this will come out soon, including any additional cost. Equipment shipments have been done in the past, although details have not been worked out yet to my knowledge. I would suggest contacting the PJ Quartermasters at to help with this question. There will also be an opportunity to rent some camp gear, and purchase cooking fuel. Again, information on this will be released soon. There will be no open fires (cooking or otherwise) within the camp sites. All cooking must be done on fuel (propane or white gas) stoves. The Jamboree Food Services Team will prepare a camp menu, and the ingredients for each meal will be made available to each Patrol to pick up as a meal kit. The Patrols will then cook their meals at their camp site, so cooking gear is necessary. A menu will be released later this year. Activity/program (called ‘Adventure’ at PJ) information will be released later this year, and each Patrol will be given an opportunity to select which activities they wish to participate in. Camp fees are assessed as an individual rate, but paid as a Patrol. Participant cost will be $550 or $600 (early vs. regular registration rates). Groups have the option to pay in three instalments. The fee deadline is April 30, 2019. Patrols are a maximum of 11 people: 8 youth and 2 adults. Patrol/participant registration is expected to open this summer. All of the registration details will be released in the coming days. I hope this helps to answer your questions! -Zach Dallas, PJ 2019 PR Team Lead

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