Design elements and media

Looking for the logo and design elements so that you can make your own badges in the spirit of the Myths and Legends design? This file contains hi-res graphical elements in PNG format you can use:

Many groups request sizing information or a template to match their Patrol’s PJ badge to the official PJ badge. PJ 2019’s badge is a hexagon shape and is intended to create a honeycomb pattern when placed next to each of the program and department badges. Patrols are more than welcome to join in this layout!

  • The official PJ 2019 badge will be 3.7″ wide by 4.3″ tall
  • Top/bottom half-size PJ 2019 badges will be 3.7″ wide by 2.15″ tall
  • Left/right half-size PJ 2019 badges will be 1.85″ wide by 4.3″ tall

Due to its large size (and potentially high cost), PJ 2019 is making the option for a half-hexagon design. Top half, bottom half, left half or right half, it’s your choice! Templates for all design options are available for download in a PNG format:

You can also let a friend, family member or anyone interested know more by providing them with a brochure about PJ:

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