Driving to PJ

Driving to PJ

by Bruce Dagg

I spent a good part of the July 6 morning at the offsite parking area talking to groups arriving by car.  As you might expect, a good number of them were from Vancouver Island, including: 5th Juan de Fuca from Langford with 17 youth and 4 scouters (my group); 1st Nanaimo with 8 youth and 2 Scouters; and several others I didn’t get a chance to talk to.  Others were from the Greater Vancouver area, including: 4th Port Coquitlam with 11 youth and 5 Scouters; 1st Albion with 8 youth and 4 Scouters; 15th Capilano that I didn’t get a chance to talk to; and I’m sure many others.

Some groups came from a little further afield, like the 1st Coldstream group from the Vernon, B.C. area.  This group of 4 youth and 2 Scouters drove down to Vancouver Island yesterday, and camped last night at China Beach, which is about 35 km west of here towards Port Renfrew.  I forgot to ask them how they liked it, but I saw them later setting up in the Valley of the Kings and the seemed to be having fun.

The people that I met that drove the furthest to get here was the Wellburn family from the 23rd Brandon Group in Manitoba, shown here. 

They took their time, sightseeing along the way.  I didn’t get first names, but the dad and the older son are joining 5 other scouts and one scouter that came here by air, while the mom and younger son enjoy a vacation here on the coast with family.  I’m sure that they all will have a great time, as will everybody else that drove to the Jamboree or got here another way!