STEM Adventures Lead

The Adventure Lead is responsible for the overall planning and execution of a PJ Adventure. Adventures are the scheduled activities that the Scouts participate in during a day at the Jamboree. The STEM Adventures Lead reports to the PJ Adventure Director and the Deputy Director for On-Site Adventures.

This is a new Adventure opportunity for PJ 2019; while we have had drop-in STEM activities at past PJs, we’ve never had scheduled activities that work to Scouts Canada’s STEM goals. Modelled after the programs offered at CJ 2017, we are envisioning groups of three one-hour adventures centred around a theme; patrols would register for a three-hour block and rotate through the three adventures.


⁃ define and plan the adventure, in conjunction with the Director and deputy

⁃ recruit members of your team

⁃ work within the adventure budget

⁃ provide regular updates to the Adventure team


⁃ active member of Scouts Canada

⁃ meet all registration requirements for PJ, including Woodbadge I for Canadian Path

⁃ attend conference calls (4-5) and on-site meetings before the Jamboree (1-2)

⁃ most importantly: a willingness to work hard, play hard, and have fun!

To apply, contact the Adventure Director, Graham Ballantyne, at

To apply for this job email your details to

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