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OOS Registration is now open!

…but please read the following before you hit the form 🙂

A Jamboree cannot run without a great staff of volunteers, known as Offers of Service. The OOS Experience team looks after the day to day needs of all the volunteers. We will check you in when you arrive, provide you with your ID and T-shirts and find you a spot to pitch your tent. We are kind of like the front desk for your PJ hotel.

PJ 2019 will take place July 6 – 13, 2019 at Camp Barnard in Sooke, close to Victoria BC. You should, however plan on being at camp earlier depending on your role at PJ19.   The details of when you are expected to be at camp to begin your OOS role will come from the department head after you have registered and been assigned to a department. Generally, you should plan on arriving at Camp July 2nd.  See www.campbarnard.ca for information on Camp Barnard.

During the Jamboree we will be there to provide opportunities for your off-duty time. There will be movies every night, Indaba sessions, and maybe even a chance to try some of the PJ activities yourself. Watch for announcements of more activities as we get closer to the Jamboree.

To stay up to date on OOS information and connect with other OOS, join the PJ OOS Facebook group.

Offers of Service (OOS) are open to any Venturer Scout, Rover Scout, or Volunteer, including former members, who wish to participate – while some jobs require specific skills (i.e medical, drivers), most will come with on-the-job training.

OOS must be at least 15 years old by July 6, 2019

Things you need to know:


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