OOS registration draft

OOS Registration is now open.

Note: Group Registration for youth participants must be completed separately. Please be aware of our privacy and event photography notices.

Before you begin, please read through the Offers of Service section of the website for details about the OOS experience, including:

There is no paper registration form. A Help file can be opened in a separate window to assist in the Registration Process.

You’ll need:

  • Your myscouts number  (International, W.A.G.G.S., and non-Scouts Canada member OOS use ‘000000’ as a myscouts number when you register, a new number will be issued once your registration is complete),
  • The email contact information for the OOS volunteer,
  • The email contact information for the parent of each youth OOS volunteer (why? see below)
  • A colour digital photo (requirements listed on the form – more info below).

Category 3 Parent/Guardian Consent Forms

In February 2019, the registration form will have another field added to allow for Category 3 permission forms to be uploaded. PJ, being a 7 night event, requires Category 3 forms for all youth.

These forms must be scanned and uploaded as one document into the Registration form.

Deadline for Category 3 forms to be uploaded to the Registration form is April 1, 2019.

All youth must have a category 3 permission form uploaded to the Registration form by April 1, 2019 in order to be permitted to attend PJ. No youth can participate in PJ without one.

To Register as an Offer of Service

When you begin the form below, remember your userid and password – the Registration team has no ability to reset passwords. 

The form is editable until March 31, 2019 – you can get started, save and come back to continue or make changes.  The form will not submit without some mandatory information (such as photo and email info see ‘Registration Process’ below).  Once your form is complete you may ‘submit’.  The Registration Team will review your form and either contact the you with questions or register you if everything is in order.   

How will I know if my registration has been received and completed? 

You will receive an automated confirmation notice when you have submitted a completed registration online.  Once the registration information has been confirmed, the OOS registrar will assign an OOS # and initial assignment depending on choices made in registration.  You will receive a “PJ2019 – Welcome to OOS!” letter which includes important information (assignment, OOS#, payment information).  It is important to keep the welcome letter in a safe place because it contains information you may need at a later stage (such as OOS#).

Have questions about the OOS registration process? Contact oosregistrar.pj@scouts.ca

Registration Form

[Form goes here]

Why are email addresses and parent email addresses for all youth required?

We are doing this to ensure we have as complete and accurate Health and nutritional requirement information as possible. We are working with a local firm to gather the information securely and accurately through an on-line system called ePACT. We require individual email addresses to provide access to ePACT and to follow-up on any information as required.

This software was successfully used for the Adventure 2014 Jamboree, Pacific Jamboree 2015 and Canadian Jamboree 2017. We plan to start collecting the information with this system in early 2019. Each registered participant (parent email for youth) will be sent a unique URL for the purposes of entering their health and nutritional information.

Photo Requirements
Digital photos are required for all OOS attending PJ – these photos must be uploaded to the registration form and will be used for Identification purposes. Each OOS will be required to wear an id tag with their photo on it while on site at Camp Barnard and while participating in Adventures.

The photo must be colour, head and shoulders, forward facing and no hat or sunglasses obscuring the face. Photos that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.

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