Offers of Service (OOS)

OOS Registration is now open!

A Jamboree cannot run without a great staff of volunteers, known as Offers of Service. The OOS Experience team looks after the day to day needs of all the volunteers. We will check you in when you arrive, provide you with your ID and T-shirts and find you a spot to pitch your tent. We are kind of like the front desk for your PJ hotel.

During the Jamboree we will be there to provide opportunities for your off-duty time. There will be movies every night, Indaba sessions, and maybe even a chance to try some of the PJ activities yourself. Watch for announcements of more activities as we get closer to the Jamboree.

To stay up to date on OOS information and connect with other OOS, join the PJ OOS Facebook group.

Offer of Service (OOS) is open to any Venturer Scout, Rover Scout, or Volunteer, including former members, who wish to participate.

OOS must be at least 15 years old by July 7, 2019

Offers of Service individuals can register now!

PLEASE PLAN AHEAD – there are specific screening and training requirements in order to volunteer as an Offer of Service at the Pacific Jamboree (PJ).

Age of O.O.S. Screening Training
Scouts Canada members 15 – 17 years old at the time of P.J. Signed Youth Code of Conduct by April 1, 2019 Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path completed by April 1, 2019
Scouts Canada members 18 years or older at the time of P.J. Must be fully screened and “Active” members of Scouts Canada for the full duration of the Pacific Jamboree including travel after the event Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path completed by April 1, 2019
Non-Scouts Canada members and International O.O.S. Please contact the O.O.S. registrar for more information at

The registration form will ask you to affirm that you have completed the requirements or intend to. You can register and pay without having already met the requirements.

Wood Badge part I for the Canadian Path

Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path is the required training for OOS and Scouters who are members of Scouts Canada. This requirement is not precluded by a previous Section specific Wood Badge II course – all OOS and Scouters attending PJ 2019 will be required to have completed Wood Badge I Canadian Path by April 1st 2019.

For those OOS who need to complete it, the Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path course is currently available online at the David Huestis Learning Centre. To select the Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path course packages first log into, then select DAVID HUESTIS learning centre (on the left side of the window) which should open a new tab or window in your browser that is titled My Learning Gateway. Click on the Course Catalogue; select Scouts Canada Training in the Subject box, Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path in the Topic Box, and your language of choice in the Language box. You can then select Request Package Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path. As of March 1, 2018 ,there are 17 parts which include those labelled Canadian Path Fundamentals, Canadian Path Principles, Scouters Working Together, and Facilitating the Program. This course takes approximately 5 hours and can be done at your own pace. Local in-person Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path courses may also be available. Contact your Group Commissioner or local Area team to get more information about this option.

MyScouts records for all OOS and Scouters will be reviewed prior to PJ for screening and training requirements. Avoid disappointment and ensure everything is in order by the deadline.

International OOS

International O.O.S. who are members of a WOSM recognized organization are welcome to attend PJ 2019!

Requirements for International OOS:

  • A letter of introduction from your National Organization indicating that you meet that organization’s screening and membership criteria. Request the National Organization include any Child Safety or Safe from Harm training completed; and
  • A signed Scouts Canada Code of Conduct (digital copy to be provided ahead of time and the document can be signed on site.)

If a letter of introduction from your home National Organization is not available:


Extensions to the deadline above can be made on a case by case basis and with prior consent – please email with ‘Extension Request’ in the subject line.


Payment – payable in two installments or as one payment in full at time of registration. Payable by cheque or you can arrange to pay electronically via Interac eTransfer – details for online payments to come.

Cheques are to be made out to “Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree ” and mailed to

Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree 505 Marigold Rd Victoria, BC V9Z 4R5

The registration schedule of fees and dates for payments are as follows:

For Offers of Service

  • OOS $395
  • 1st payment, $200 (regular) (50% of registration), made within 30 days of registering in system
  • 2nd (final or complete) payment March 1, 2019


Cancellation Policy – full refund for cancellations received up to April 30, 2019.


Have questions about the OOS registration process that you can’t find the answers to here? Contact


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