Camping and facilities (OOS)

Camp Barnard is a wonderful location for the Pacific Jamboree and we’re sure you will have a fantastic experience. Here are some things to know about where you will be:

Distance from the drop off area to the furthest possible site
All sites are accessible by gravel roads or paths. Most sites will be a walk of 500 m to 1000 m from your drop-off point depending on where you will be staying. i.e. in the OOS camping area, Sub Camps or another Program area.

Distances to showers and washrooms?
Showers and port-a-potties or sheltered pit toilets are available within 500 m to 750 m of most camp sites and are within 100 m in the OOS Camping area.

Do we have to bring our own tents and other camping equipment?
OOS are required to bring all their own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag and mat, pillow) as well as personal effects. Everything must be transported to and from the OOS campsite by hand, so be sure that you are able to carry your gear and equipment. Cooking equipment / dishes are NOT required as all meals are included. DO bring a water bottle and mug.

Restrictions on the site
No fireworks. No generators. No open fires. Please see the Participant Information Guide (available in early 2019) for more rules and regulations.

Swimming at the Jamboree
The swimming beach at Camp Barnard will be open. Hours of operation for OOS will be posted.

Is there a set fee for food?
No, all food costs for OOS are included in the OOS fee. The meal plan begins Monday, July 1st, 2019 for dinner and will end with lunch on July 14th, 2019.

Medical and dental facilities
Our Medical Services team will have access to doctors and dentists.

Event uniform
There is no formal uniform for the event, other than the PJ2019 Neckerchief and t-shirt, which OOSs will receive when they check in at the OOS registration station for PJ2019.

Cell phone service at the campsite
Camp Barnard is served by cellular service offered by Bell Mobility and TELUS with LTE coverage.  The signal is fair throughout the camp, however we expect the single tower to be overloaded quickly, so you should not count on being able to use your cell phone at Camp Barnard like you would at home. The general vicinity of Camp Barnard, while served by Rogers, has very spotty coverage throughout the Camp. We strongly suggest that OOS share a cell phone at camp wherever possible because of the single cellular tower. We have found at past camps that as more phones connect, it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to use the service. Emergency in-bound and out-bound calling has been provided for.

Charging cell phones, iPads, medical devices, etc.
Please see the question above about cellular signals. Facilities will be available at Camp Barnard for charging Cell phones at a nominal fee.  It is best if OOS are self-reliant charging in keeping with the challenge of equipping for a week-long backpacking trip (e.g. portable or solar charging unit). If you require a battery for a CPAP or other medical device/mobility devices you are requested to provide your own.  Provision will be made for re-charging such batteries at Camp.  Please add a comment (in the Additional Comments Section of your registration form) if you require charging of batteries for medical or mobility devices.

Extra t-shirts
If you would like additional Tee Shirts that you did not order at time of Registration, please email your name, OOS#, shirt size and OOS department assignment to and follow up with payment by cheque / etransfer ($15 per shirt) as per instructions for registration (also in your Welcome letter).

Other expenses
Plan to bring spending money for incidentals and souvenirs. For International attendees, please have Canadian funds as PJ is unable to provide currency exchange.

Credit cards, chip cards, and/or debit cards
Credit and/or debit cards will be accepted at the Scout Shop and other vendors, however cash (Canadian funds) is always accepted.

Internet café
Yes, we expect to have limited capacity to give OOS internet access. More information will be provided closer to the event.

Programs specifically for OOS
The organizers of PJ2019 are working on providing a very interesting Indaba program for OOS and Participant Scouters. Stay tuned—more details to come.

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