OOS Job Descriptions

Adventure Program – the team that runs each activity at PJ. Members of this team will work daily to delivery quality programs to participant Scouts.

Food Services – the team that organizes and delivers food to participants twice daily. Members of this team are also responsible for OOS feeding.

PR/Media – the team that runs the PJ website and social media and takes videos and photos to document the jamboree. Members of this team may also liaise with local media outlets.

Transportation – the team that gets everyone where they need to go starting on arrivals day through to departures. This team is also responsible for moving Scouts to and from off-site activities throughout PJ.

Medical – this team is typically made up of MedVents and MedRovers who provide first aid and on-site medical care.

Life Guard – the individuals responsible for the safe operation of water activities at PJ.

Emergency Communications – the team responsible for radio communications between our emergency services departments. Think dispatch!

Fire Services – yes, PJ will have its own fire department staffed by real firefighters!

Quartermaster – the team responsible for all the gear and supplies needed to make PJ a reality, and all the logistics of getting gear on site.

Trading Post – the team responsible for the souvenir shop at PJ.

Zone West – the folks from Zone West will be on-site to sell custom PJ clothing and accessories!

Care Corp – a dedicated team of volunteers with a passion for mental health, a listening ear, and providing a safe, quiet space to decompress when needed.

Participant Subcamp – the teams of OOS who make camp life in each of the subcamps possible!

OOS Subcamp – the team responsible for keeping the Offers of Service housed and entertained in the evenings.

Other – there are many other jobs at PJ! Didn’t see a category you fall into? Select this option and give us an idea of what you’d like to do and we’ll connect you with the right department.