The Registration team is excited to announce that Patrol registration has reached capacity for PJ 2019. As of February 12, the waitlist is no longer taking new applications. Registered Patrols, or Patrols that have received notification they are on the waitlist, please use the registration form to make changes to your patrol information, switch patrol members, order equipment etc as necessary.  We are not able to accept additional participants at this time. However, if you wish to remove a participant please contact the Registrar at to begin the process.

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 Participant FAQs

A printable PDF of our most Frequently Asked Question is a great resourced for making sure you are ready for the Jamboree – download it now!

Category 3 Forms

Category 3 Parent/Guardian Permission forms (Cat 3 forms) are required for all participants and OOS who will be under 18 during Jamboree week. Patrol Contact Scouters will receive an email from the PJ Registrar with a link to upload your Cat 3 forms. Once you have this link, follow the steps below:

  1. Print a copy of the Category 3 form that was sent to you for each youth (under 18) participant or Scouter.
    • You must have a form signed specifically for the Jamboree – it is not acceptable to use one signed for another purpose earlier in the year.
  2. Have each parent/guardian sign and date the form for each of their youth (2 kids = 2 forms). (Remember, forms must be signed February 14th or after because these forms are only valid for a maximum of 6 months.)
  3. Gather all Cat 3 forms for ALL members under the age of 18 of your Patrol even if they’re functioning as a Scouter for the jamboree.
  4. Once you have all of them, scan into one pdf document.
    • Access to a multi-function device or a scanner/printer/fax will be needed. The document should be scanned as a pdf.  Although other formats can be accepted, they take up a lot more file space, so pdf is preferred.)
    • Scanner/printer/fax units are common in households, but they can also be found at a public library, local office supply store, local print shop.
  5. Use the link in the email to upload the pdf. This URL is unique to your patrol.  (If you have more than one patrol, you will have received another email for the other patrols – make sure you match your Cat 3 forms to the correct Patrol.)
  6. Youth cannot attend Pacific Jamboree without a signed Cat 3 form. This is a mandatory requirement.
  7. At least one Patrol Scouter for each Patrol must have the original signed forms with them during the Jamboree.

The deadline to submit Cat 3 forms is April 15, 2019

Are you ready for the Pacific Jamboree?

The Pacific Jamboree (PJ) is open to all youth of Scout age who are registered members of Scouts Canada, L’Association des Scouts du Canada or Scout Units from National Scout Organizations who are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

PJ Programming is geared to the 11-15 year old age range. Any youth registered with the Scout section as of the date of the Jamboree may attend as a participant with their Scout section. In all cases, it is expected that Scouters will ensure that the youth have appropriate knowledge and skills to contribute successfully to a seven-day camping experience and are adequately prepared for the program activities chosen.

Both Scouters and Youth who want to attend PJ and participate in program experiences are considered participants and must register as part of a Patrol. Youth (at least 15 years old) or adults registering to help run program or work in sub camps, food services etc during PJ can register as Offers of Service (OOS).

If a youth is registered with the Venturer section but will still be 15 or less during the Jamboree week he or she may also register with a Scout troop as a participant. Venturers 15 or older are encouraged to register as OOS.

Group Registration

Groups register Patrols only – no individual registrations accepted. Groups can register more than one Patrol. Payment must be made by patrol(s) versus by individual. If your Group is registering more than one patrol, you can pay for them on one Group cheque.

Patrol size

Groups can register Patrols of up to 11 people per Patrol which include a maximum of 8 youth and a minimum of 2 Scouters per Patrol (e.g. 8 youth and 2 or 3 Scouters). Please note that some adventures (program activities) may be limited to Patrol sizes of 10 so that a unit with 8 youth and 3 Scouters may be required to have 1 Scouter step back from participating in that specific activity.

You can give your Patrol a name! If your Group has more than one patrol your first Patrol name could be something like 3rd Arbutus A and your second patrol could be 3rd Arbutus B. But you can get as creative as you’d like – Spicy Taco patrol, Ninja Monkey patrol……Have some fun!

Scouts Canada member Scouters

Scouts Canada member Scouters registered with their Patrol must meet all Scouts Canada screening and training requirements and be active in MyScouts by April 1, 2019. Scouts Canada training requirements include Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path, which is mandatory for Scouts Canada Scouters attending PJ 2019.

Screening and Training for Scouts Canada members

The registration form will ask you to affirm that you have completed the requirements or intend to prior to April 1, 2019. You can register and pay without having already met the requirements.

Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path is the required training for OOS and Scouters attending PJ 2019 who are members of Scouts Canada. This requirement is not precluded by a Section specific Wood Badge II course – all OOS and Scouters attending PJ 2019 will be required to have completed Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path by April 1st 2019.

For those Scouts Canada member Scouters needing to complete it, the Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path course is currently available online at the David Huestis Learning Centre. To select the Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path course packages first log into, then select DAVID HUESTIS learning centre (on the left side of the window) which should open a new tab or window in your browser that is titled My Learning Gateway. Click on the Course Catalogue, select Scouts Canada Training in the Subject box, Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path in the Topic Box, and your language of choice in the Language box. You can then select Request Package Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path. As of March 1, 2018, there are 17 parts which include those labelled Canadian Path Fundamentals, Canadian Path Principles, Scouters Working Together, and Facilitating the Program. This course takes approximately 5 hours and can be done at your own pace. Local in-person Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path courses may also be available. Contact your Group Commissioner or local Area team to get more information about this option.

MyScouts records for all Scouts Canada OOS and Scouters will be reviewed prior to PJ for screening and training requirements. Avoid disappointment and ensure everything is in order by the deadline.

Each Scouter must be fully screened and “Active” members of Scouts Canada for the full duration of the Pacific Jamboree including travel after the event.

International Scout Units

International and Scout Units from National Scout Organizations who are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) Participants are most welcome! Information on requirements for international participants will be available soon. Please email for more information on international participation.


Payment can be made by Group cheque only and must be for all members of each Patrol. Registration costs and dates for payments

  • Participant (early registration) $550 – payment completed by December 31, 2018
  • Participant (late registration) $600 – payment completed after December 31, 2018
  • 1st payment, $200/participant (~33% of registration), made within 30 days of registering in system and prior to date of 2nd payment date
  • 2nd payment, $200/participant (~33% of registration) due December 31, 2018 or $350/participant for those wishing to take advantage of the early registration discount due December 31, 2018
  • 3rd and final payment, remaining outstanding amount including any equipment rental, due by April 30, 2019

Cheques are to be made out to “Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree ” and mailed to

Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree 505 Marigold Rd Victoria, BC V8Z 4R5

Cancellation Policy

Full refunds are available for cancellations received up to April 30, 2019.

Camping and Facilities

Camp Barnard is a well-established Scouts Canada camp and was the site of Pacific Jamboree in 2015. Camp Barnard is well equipped to manage the volume of participants and OOS of the Jamboree with camping sites, playing fields, a Townsite for badge trading, snacks, souvenirs, and an internet café, as well as cold water showers and port-a-potties. There is a lake with a cordoned off swimming area, beach, and lifeguard.

Camping sites are all accessible by gravel roads or paths. Most sites will be a walk of 500 meters to 2,000 meters from the drop off point depending on which sub camp you are assigned to, so Groups should be prepared to walk in either carrying their gear or towing it with a collapsible Scout cart.


Patrols should plan to bring all gear required for a 1 week standing camp. If your Patrol is travelling by bus or air and is not able to pack camping equipment, equipment rental packages are available.

Equipment Rentals

Camping Rental Packages are primarily targeted at those units which are travelling long distances. Travellers flying on commercial airlines are not permitted to travel with flammable products such as propane cylinders and in many cases this may include stoves. Therefore, these items may be rented onsite at the Jamboree through the pre-arranged order process.

Camping Rental Packages are available in 3 levels: Bronze – $150, Silver – $300, and Gold – $500. Full information regarding the Camping Rental Packages is detailed here: PJ19 Equipment Rental Packages, but essentially:

  • the Bronze package provides a cooler, water jug, lantern & batteries, stove & accessories, and propane for the duration of the Jamboree.
  • the Silver package contains all the above and the pots, pans, and necessary kitchen accoutrements.
  • The Gold package contains all of the above and adds the necessary tentage to house a patrol for a week.

If you require a Camping Rental Package, you MUST check the appropriate box when you register your patrol. Payment will be expected along with your Jamboree registration fee. Once payment has been processed, the Jamboree Registrar will forward your order to the Quartermaster, and you will receive confirmation that your order has been received and ordered, sent to the contact Scouter’s email address on your registration form.

Propane Purchase/Refill

  • Disposable 1lb (16oz or 453g) propane cylinders will NOT be available from the PJ Quartermaster.
  • Refillable 20lb propane tanks are available for pre-order when you register your patrol at a cost of $42/tank. Please indicate that you would like to rent a tank when you register your patrol. Payment will be expected along with your Jamboree registration.
  • The Quartermaster will exchange your rented 20lb tank (if you use it all up during the week) at a cost of $25
  • It is the responsibility of the unit to return the 20lb tank to the Quartermaster on completion of the Jamboree.


Patrols must be fully paid (all installments received) before they will be able to select their program choices. Program choices will be allocated based on payment received date. Program details will be made available in the early part of 2019.


Have questions about registration that haven’t been answered here? Contact the Participant Registration Team at

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