OOS Registration

OOS Registration is now open.

Note: Group Registration for youth participants must be completed separately.

Offer of Service volunteers will register individually.

Participants must register as part of a Patrol. A Contact Scouter must be identified for each Patrol (this person may or may not be attending PJ) and this person registers the Patrol as one unit using the online form. The Contact Scouter will coordinate the registration payments for all members in the patrol, add or remove individuals and serve as the main contact person for the Patrol’s communications with the PJ 2019 organizers. If your contact person is attending PJ, be sure to include them as Scouter 1 on the registration form. If they are not attending PJ, be sure you register 2 other Scouters with each Patrol.

The registration schedule of fees and dates for payments are as follows:

For Offers of Service

  • OOS costs $395
  • 1st payment, $200 (50% of registration), made within 30 days of registering in system
  • 2nd (final or complete) payment March 1, 2019

Have questions about the OOS registration process? Contact oosregistrar.pj@scouts.ca

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