Participant Registration Information & FAQ

Updated November 7, 2023

Pacific Jamboree 2024 announces expanded Participant capacity and the reopening of Participant registration

            Due to the overwhelming demand for Participant registrations at Pacific Jamboree 2024, the Camp Chair and Organizing Committee are excited to announce additional registration capacity for Participant Patrols. With this added capacity comes a fourth Participant Subcamp.

The PJ 2024 Organizing Committee was overwhelmed with the fantastic response to registration and has since been working hard behind the scenes organizing everything to make the jamboree a success. The committee realized many Scouts from across BC, Canada, and the world were disappointed when they were unable to secure a spot, and the waitlist quickly grew. After some careful deliberation and additional planning, the decision was made to open a fourth Participant Subcamp to allow additional Scouts to attend PJ 2024.

Registration will reopen on February 1, 2024, at A total of 50 Patrol spaces, or 500 individual spaces, will be made available. When either maximum is reached, registration will close, and a limited waitlist may be formed.

Patrols currently on the waitlist will be contacted by the PJ 2024 registration team with the next steps in completing their Patrol’s registration.

Please note, this registration opening is for new Patrols only. All requests to add members to existing patrols will be denied.

Be sure to keep an eye on for the latest information and to access the registration portal.

Behind the scenes, the PJ 2024 Organizing Committee and all departments are working quickly and efficiently to bring all aspects of the jamboree together. This includes the Program team working to increase capacity for the additional Participants.

The PJ 2024 Organizing Committee appreciates the incredible interest in the jamboree and appreciates your continued patience as we work through this unprecedented Pacific Jamboree growth.

Questions regarding the additional Patrol spaces can be directed to the PJ 2024 Camp Chair, Andrew Dallas at

Reminder – The reduced Jamboree Fee for Patrols ends January 15th.  If you are not able to make the full reduced fee payment by this deadline, your final payment should be for up to the regular Jamboree fee of $603.75 per participant. Final payment must be received by April 30, 2024

Reminder – any un used spaces in registered patrols (not on the waitlist) will be removed after January 15th.  If you reserved more spots than you have registered participants into, and plan to register participants in those empty spots, make sure they are entered before the 15th to avoid losing them.  

IMPORTANT: The mailing address for cheques was previously incorrect. Please note the correct address: 505 Marigold Rd Victoria BC  V8Z 4R5

Registration Information

When is the event?

Pacific Jamboree 2024 will take place July 6 – 13, 2024 at Camp Barnard in Sooke, close to Victoria, BC.  See for information on Camp Barnard.

Registration Details

In order to register a Patrol, use the online registration form found on the PJ website under ‘Participants’.  There is no paper registration form.

The Contact Scouter will enter the details of the patrol then ‘invite ‘ other scouters and youth from their Group to add their details.

Parents must add the details for their youth, including medical information.  The patrol registration form won’t

be submitted until all requirements are entered.

FYI – Parents can pay via the registration form as well. The system will tally up all payments for each patrol. See payment details below.

The form is editable until March 31, 2024 – you can get started, save and come back to continue or make changes. You can make changes to the information provided by youth and scouters, such as update health info, change phone numbers, etc.  You can shuffle youth between patrols and even add youth up to the maximum of 8, up until Registration closes.

The form will not submit without some mandatory information (such as Scouter photos, email info and medical information). 

Once your form is complete you may ‘submit’.  Even after you submit your form, you can go back in and edit.  The Registration Team will review your form and either contact the Contact Scouter with questions, or register your patrol if everything is in order

When your Patrol is registered, the Contact Scouter will be sent a confirmation email from the Registrar that outlines some important information including your Patrol Number and sub camp assignment. 

You are not registered until you receive the confirmation email and a patrol number. 

If the full payment was not submitted at the time of submitting the registration form, the Patrol will then have 30 days to submit their first installment payment after receipt of the confirmation email. If payment is not received by the deadline your registration will be put on hold.

Use your Patrol number in your communications with PJ organizers

Category 3 Parent/Guardian Consent Forms

In February 2024, the registration form will have another field added to allow for Category 3 permission forms to be uploaded.  PJ, being a 7-night event requires Category 3 forms for all youth (including Youth Scouters).

As per the Scouts Canada rules the form must be signed and dated no more than 6 months prior to the event.

These forms must be scanned and uploaded directly into the Registration form by each youth’s parent. If any form is missing, that youth will not be permitted to participate.

Deadline for Category 3 forms to be uploaded to the Registration form is April 1, 2024. 

IMPORTANT – All youth (Scouts and Youth Scouters) MUST HAVE a category 3 permission form uploaded to the Registration form by April 1, 2024, in order to be permitted to attend PJ.  No youth can participate in PJ without one.

Screening and Training Requirements

Specific training is required for all Scouts Canada member Scouters and Youth Scouters in order participate in PJ.  These requirements are listed on the PJ website and in the PJ Registration form.  (Go to Screening and Training Details section of this FAQ for specifics).

Your contact Scouter will be asked to affirm that these requirements have already been met or will be met by April 1, 2024.  All Scouters and Youth Scouters’ MyScouts records will be checked after this deadline – if the screening and training is not completed, they will not be permitted to attend PJ and a replacement Scouter will need to be assigned. 

IMPORTANT – All youth (Scouts and Youth Scouters) MUST HAVE a category 3 permission form uploaded to the Registration form by April 1, 2024, in order to be permitted to attend PJ.  No youth can participate in PJ without one.

Photo Requirements for Scouters

Digital photos are required for all OOS and Scouters (including Youth Scouters) attending PJ – these photos must be uploaded to the registration form and will be used for Identification purposes.  Each OOS and Scouter will be required to wear an id tag with their photo on it while on site at Camp Barnard and while participating in Adventures.

The photo must be colour, head and shoulders, forward facing and no hat or sunglasses obscuring the face.  Photos that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted and the patrol will not be registered until a suitable photo is received. We don’t need a professional photo– you can just take a selfie.  Photos for each Scouter are required for the patrol to be considered registered.  Photos of youth are optional.

What is the Registration Fee for Participants?

The early registration fee for Participants who register and pay in full by January 15, 2024 is $551.25 per person; payable in two installments if you want, or in full at time of Registration.

  • 1st payment, at least $200/participant made within 30 days of receiving your Welcome Letter.
  • 2nd payment, $351.25/participant due January 15, 2024.
  • Equipment rental fees can be paid with registration fees, or separately due by April 30, 2024.

There is a 4% processing fee charged by the payment processing system. This fee is not retained by the Jamboree

GST number 107761694RT0001 and Charitable registration number 107761694RR0028

NOTE: In order to qualify for the $551.25 early registration discount, the full payment must be received by January 15, 2024.  Please also note that as it takes some time to process Registration forms and Payments that you should allow at least seven (7) days for processing. 

Regular registration fee – For those who complete their registration and payments after January 15, 2024 the fee for Participants will be $603.75 per person; payable in two installments if you want, or as one payment at time of Registration:

  • $500 per person paid at time of Registration – Please send in within 30 days of receipt of your confirmation email;
  • $103.75 per person plus any Equipment rental fees paid by April 30, 2024.

IMPORTANT NOTE – If you registered online sometime before December 2023, and made your first installment within the 30-day timeframe but are not able to make full payment prior to January 15, your second payment must be for the amount up to $603.75 per person. 

WAIT LIST – we expect PJ 2024 to be popular and registration will fill up fast. As soon as we meet the maximum number of participants, registration will be closed, and any further patrols will be put on a wait list.  Any openings will be filled from the Wait List based on date of full payment received. If your patrol ends up on the waitlist and does not get a spot for the Jamboree a refund will be provided.

What are the payment options?

Payments can be made by cheque as well as online from within the Registration System.  Online payments can be made by credit card and can be applied to the full patrol or to individuals within the Patrol.  The option is available for individual Scout parents to log into the system and apply a payment to their scout’s registration record.  There is a small processing fee collected by the system for online payments, this fee is not collected by the Jamboree.

Please note, only once payments are made for all members of the Patrol can the patrol be considered paid. Allowing individual parents to pay within the system will require some coordination on the part of the Contact Scouter in order to ensure the patrol meets the payment deadlines. i.e payment of the first installment is required within 30 days of receiving the confirmation email and full payment must be received by January 15, 2024 to qualify for the early registration fee.


Who do I make the cheque out to?

Cheques are to be made out to “Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree” and mailed to

Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree

505 Marigold Rd Victoria BC  V8Z 4R5

Note – If paying by cheque Patrols must submit payment for the full patrol, please do not send individual payments for members of the patrol.  

Please do not send your cheque registered mail, to collect registered mail, the post office requires ID that shows the 505 Marigold Road address and of course none of our Volunteers live at Scout House.

What is included in the Registration Fee?

All food, a camping site, camaraderie, fun and a week full of awesome *Adventures (Program) are included in the Registration Fee.  Also included is a PJ Necker and sub camp badge. 

*Most program fees are covered as part of the Registration Fee, however one or two optional Programs may have nominal fees for participation. 

International and non-Scouts Canada member Registrations

Pacific Jamboree is pleased to welcome members of the World Organization of Scouting Movement (WOSM) and the World Organization of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) to participate in PJ 2024!

International and non-Scouts Canada Registrations are slightly more involved than registrations for Scouts Canada members but are not too onerous! Details are outlined on the International and non-Scouts Canada Registration Information FAQ found on the Pacific Jamboree website.

More Registration Information

Participants must register as part of a Patrol.  A Contact Scouter for the Patrol should be determined.  This individual will register the Patrol (listing all participants), coordinate registration payments for all members within the Patrol, add or remove participants from the Patrol, and serve as a primary contact person for communications with PJ organizers.  Registration is to be completed online by following the “Registration” link on the PJ2024 homepage.  

Why are email addresses and parent email addresses for all youth required?

Parent or Guardian contact information for each youth (Scout or Youth Scouter) is required for emergency contact purposes and for the medical team to follow up on any medical information provided about the youth if necessary. 

Medical information will be collected in the Patrol Registration form.  Parents of youth will have access to their youth’s form to add medical information.

Patrol Contact Scouters will not need to be directly involved with the gathering of medical information.

Is there a Cancellation Policy if a Patrol or an individual Scout or Scouter has to cancel?

We recognize that situations may arise after a Patrol registers and have developed the following policy to address this:

  • Full refund for any cancellation up to April 30, 2024
  • Full refund, minus a $50 Administration fee, for any cancellation from May 1 – May 31, 2024
  • 50% refund for any cancellation from June 1 – June 30, 2024
  • No refund after July 1, 2024 except by approval of the Camp Chair.

Who can attend?

The Pacific Jamboree (PJ) is open to all youth of Scout age who are registered members of Scouts Canada, L ’Association des Scouts du Canada or Scout Units from National Scout Organizations who are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) or the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

The PJ 2024 experience is designed for youth ages 11 through 14.  However, 4th year Scouts, (who turn 15 years old in 2024) registered with the Scout section through July 2024 may also attend.  In all cases, it is expected that Scouters will ensure that the youth have appropriate knowledge and skills to contribute successfully to a seven-day camping experience and are adequately prepared for the activities chosen.

What are the minimum and maximum ages for Scout participants?

Minimum age – the Scout must be at least 11 years old by the start of PJ. 

Birth date can be July 6, 2013, but no later.

Maximum age – the Scout can be maximum* 15 years old for the duration of PJ. 

Birth date can be July 13, 2008, but no earlier.

*Please refer to the section ‘Who can attend?’ above for details on 15-year-olds.

What’s are the minimum and maximum Patrol sizes?

Patrols can be between 4 and 8 Scouts and 2 or 3 Scouters for a total of maximum 11 participants per Patrol.  The 11th member can ONLY be a third Scouter.

4 Scouts and 2 Scouters is the minimum Patrol size.  8 Scouts and 3 Scouters is the maximum.

If you need more Scouts or Scouters to meet the minimum Patrol size, ask other Troops in your Area, or post a request to our Facebook page.  Please register only real Scouts who are registered in Scouts Canada or other Scouting Organizations i.e. don’t register fictitious Scouts to reserve a spot. 

PLEASE NOTE: Adventures are suited for a maximum 8 scouts and 2 scouters. Patrols that register a third Scouter will need to decide which 2 Scouters attend each Adventure.  Patrols can request a third Scouter to attend certain Adventures by sending their request to the Camp Chair – email your request to


Can we add an extra youth or two to a Patrol beyond eight in total?

No, Patrols cannot exceed 8 youth.

If you have more than 8 youth who want to attend, you will need to make up two Patrols, or ask other Groups in your Area or Council if they have room in their Patrols.  

If you started your registration with fewer than 8, you could add additional members until you reach in total of 8 for your Patrol up until registration closes.  However, if you do this, you must immediately send the additional participant fee – remember to quote your Patrol Number on your payment. Remember that these additional youth must also have the Category 3 Parent Guardian consent form uploaded prior to the deadline.  

After registration closes no further members can be added, but you can substitute members as required.

What if someone withdraws from my Patrol?

If this happens before March 31, 2024, log back on to your Registration form and modify your Registration.  You may want to send an email to the Finance team to pursue a refund. 

If you need to withdraw a member after March 31, 2024, contact with particulars.

What if I wish to substitute a member of my Patrol?

If this happens before March 31, 2024, log back on to your Registration form and modify your Registration. 

Remember, for replacement Scouters the affirmation for screening and training is still applicable; no extension for completion of these requirements beyond the April 1st deadline can be provided.  Also remember to replace photos for the new Scouters. 

For replacement Scouts, remember to fill in Health Information and obtain a Category 3 form for them and upload the patrol’s cat 3 forms in one document again by the deadline.  All forms should be copied and scanned into one document and uploaded to the form as one.

Any fees associated with adding a member of the patrol must be submitted immediately.

If you need to make substitutions after March 31, 2024, contact with particulars.  Remember, only Scouters who show complete in the required screening and training will be accepted at this point. 

Can I request to camp next to another Patrol?

You can request a site adjacent another Patrol.  Perhaps your Group has registered 2 patrols and you’d like to share equipment.  The on-line Registration form has a field for this type of request. Be sure to accurately list the name of the patrol you want to camp next to.  We will attempt to place all Patrols in the same subcamp that request to be placed together. The subcamp staff will place you next to each other onsite.

Are there any User Pay Programs (Adventures)?

Most program fees are covered as part of the Registration Fee, however one or two optional Programs may have nominal fees for participation.  The Participants Information Guide and the Program (Adventure) Selection System will provide more information on all the Programs in the near future. Please check back to the web site for updates. 

What other expenses should we plan for?

All members of your Patrol should plan to bring their own spending money for incidentals and souvenirs.   Remember, if you’re travelling from another country, change your money in to Canadian funds before you arrive at camp, there will be no way to offer exchange rates at camp.  There will not be an ATM at camp.

What about special needs and mobility devices?

If a member of your Patrol has a mobility device requirement or special health considerations, indicate such in the registration form, and arrangements will be made.

What equipment/supplies should we bring?

Patrols should be prepared for a week long standing camp; you’ll be doing all your own cooking.  A picnic table is provided.  Remember, your Patrol has to manually transport all its equipment to the sub camp, which could be up to a 1.5 km walk on a gravel road.  You might consider a cart or folding wagon for your larger heavier items.  You can bring a 10×10 shelter but bigger equipment will need the approval of your Sub Camp Chief.  Camp spots are small – expect to be cozy.  Propane refills (20lb tanks or larger only) are available onsite for a fee. (To rent a 20 lb. tank use the appropriate field in the registration form).

Patrols will be picking up all their food and menu items each day – probably on return from daily program. 

You may want to plan for food transport. i.e., ensure each patrol member has a backpack with them or perhaps sturdy, or a collapsible grocery cart. Carts can be left at the food hub during the day.

A Note about ‘Leave no Trace’.

An event the size of a Jamboree is very difficult to make ‘LNT’, however we will still be making great efforts in waste reduction, composting and recycling.  Your Patrol will be expected to fully participate in all programs established for this onsite.

Expect to be sorting your recycling carefully and reducing your food waste as much as possible, (i.e.. Don’t open the second box of Rice Crispies until the first one is empty).  Encourage and support your Patrol to learn how to properly separate and sort kitchen recycling before the Jamboree. Take it seriously, proper sorting makes a big difference. Everyone’s participation will go a long way to reducing the waste and environmental impact of an event this size.

Equipment that you bring to PJ you must take home – please do not leave broken or unwanted equipment behind: the Jamboree and Camp Barnard does not have the capacity to dispose of equipment left behind.

A Note about choosing Program (Adventure):

Patrols will be provided with the opportunity to choose their Adventures (in preference order) after they are registered.  However, the patrol must be fully paid, i.e. all registration fees received, before they will be placed into Adventures.   The Adventures will be assigned in preference order as availability permits within the individual Adventures.  

The Patrol Adventure choices will be processed in order of receipt of full payment.

Note:  There will be an opportunity to request Adventure changes during the Jamboree on a “space available basis”.  We expect some of the Adventures to fill up quickly, however there will be Adventures available for everyone.  Each patrol will be slotted into a mandatory free period.

Will there be any program specifically for Scouters?

Yes! The organizers of PJ2024 are working on some interesting Education programs.  More information will be in the Participants Information Guide.

A Note about Transportation

Travelling to camp is the start of your PJ adventure! 

We will provide pickup service from the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, and the Victoria International Airport and will offer a limited amount of private vehicle parking spots near the Jamboree site.  There will also be bussing provided from the lower mainland to the Jamboree. 

Detailed transportation information, including costs will be posted on the Pacific Jamboree website in 2024.

You should indicate your travel plans in your registration form.  If your plans change, update your registration form.  The Transport team will be contacting the contact scouter of each patrol with details around their indicated travel plans.  The Transportation FAQ will provide details on the options available.

Note that if you are travelling by Ferry: 

If travelling with 10 or more people and by private vehicle you may be eligible for a group discount on BC Ferries. .

Is there parking available at PJ?

There is limited parking available, approximately 2 kms from Camp Barnard.  Please car pool or arrange for drop off and pick up from camp.  If you plan to park your car in the parking lot, once your car is parked, it will remain in that spot for the duration of camp.  PJ will provide shuttles to and from the parking lot on arrival and departure days.

You will transfer your patrol’s gear into a camp truck and be shuttled to the main drop off area at camp.  Scouts and Scouters will be shuttled in separate vehicles.  No one is permitted to walk from the parking lot to the camp.  Your patrol must move their gear manually or with a cart from the main drop off area at camp to the sub camps. 

No vehicles will be permitted on the camp site after the start of PJ.  If a member of your patrol has a mobility device requirement, indicate such in the registration form, and arrangements will be made.

Will trailers be allowed?

You may use a gear trailer to transport your Patrol gear and equipment from your home to the main parking area near the Jamboree site.  You will then transfer your Patrol gear to a camp truck and be shuttled to the main drop off area at camp.  Your trailer will remain in the parking lot with your vehicle for the duration of the Jamboree.  Your Patrol must move their gear manually or with a cart from the main drop off area to the sub camps.  The distance is between 800 and 1500 meters (gravel road) depending on which subcamp you’re assigned to. 

No camping in trailers or RVs is permitted onsite without express permission of the Camp Chair.  If a member of your Patrol requires this, indicate such in the registration form, and once you receive your confirmation email, send an email to with your request and reasons. 

Screening and Training Details for Scouts Canada members

The registration form will ask you to affirm that each member of the Patrol has already or will have completed all requirements prior to April 1, 2024.  You can register and pay without having already met the requirements.

There will be no option to complete training or screening requirements during PJ.

Adult Scouters (individuals 18 years old or older at the time of PJ)

Scouts Canada member Scouters must be ‘active’ in MyScouts for the duration of the event including any travel time before and after. 

All requirements must be met prior to April 1, 2024.  Make sure everything is completed in enough time for it to be reflected in MyScouts by April 1, 2024.

Scouting Fundamental Training (including Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders and Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path) is the minimum required training for Scouts Canada member Offers of Service and Scouters attending PJ 2024.  This requirement is not precluded by a Section specific Wood Badge II course.

All Scouters attending PJ 2024 (even the most experienced Scout Scouters with WBII Scouts) will be required to have completed Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path by April 1st 2024.

For those Scouts Canada member Scouters needing to complete it, the Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path course is currently available online at the David Huestis Learning Centre:

  • To select the Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path course packages first log into, then select DAVID HUESTIS Learning Centre (on the left side of the window) which should open a new tab or window in your browser that is titled My Learning Gateway.
  • Click on the Course Catalogue, select Scouts Canada Training in the Subject box, Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path in the Topic Box, and your language of choice in the Language box.
  • You can then select Request Package Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path.

The online course can be done at your own pace.

MyScouts records for all Scouts Canada Scouters and Youth Scouters will be reviewed prior to PJ for screening and training requirements.  Plan Ahead!  Make sure your requirements are completed in enough time for them to be reflected in MyScouts in April 2024.

Scouts Canada Youth Scouters (individuals 15 – 17 years old at the time of PJ)

All requirements must be met prior to April 1, 2024.  Make sure everything is completed in enough time for it to be reflected in MyScouts by April 1, 2024.


  1. Venturer Scouts acting as Youth Offers of Service (or Youth Scouters) at Major Events
    1. Help Scouters to organize and run activities at Major Events as defined in the Event Standards.
    1. Do not count as Scouters for the purposes of the Two-Scouter Rule and youth : Scouter ratio.
    1. Must have their role explained to them by event organizers.
  2. Prior to attending the major event, Youth Offers of Service must:
  3. Sign the Scouts Canada Code of Conduct (youth).
  4. Provide a written letter of reference from their Company Scouter indicating suitability for the role.
  5. Complete Scouting Fundamentals training, including Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders

Parents of Youth Offers of Service must contact the Help Centre to enable web-access to their child’s MyScouts profile in order to complete the required screening and training.


All Youth Scouters attending PJ 2024 will be required to have completed Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path by April 1st 2024.

MyScouts records for all Scouts Canada Scouters and Youth Scouters will be reviewed prior to PJ for screening and training requirements.  Plan Ahead!  Make sure your requirements are completed in enough time for them to be reflected in MyScouts in April 2024.

There will be no option to complete training or screening requirements during PJ.  All requirements must be met by April 1, 2024.

Drones at PJ

Participants, Participant Scouters, and Offers of Service are NOT permitted to bring, fly, or otherwise operate any type of aircraft, including UAVs and drones on or above Camp Barnard or other PJ activities.

The PJ media team may record and release aerial photography and videography if conditions allow and as permitted by the PJ Camp Chair and PJ safety team.