Scouter Skills

Scouter Skills, previously known as Indaba (a Zulu word meaning “business” or “matter”.)

Expanding one’s knowledge of Scouting ideas and learning new skills has been a part of past Jamborees as another way to engage all participants and volunteers.  These sessions at PJ 2024 will be located in various locations around the PJ site.  Scouter Sessions will be in the evenings.  Patrol Scouters and Offers of Service are welcome.  The workshops will be on a preregistered basis.  More information will be provided to Patrol Scouters before the Jamboree. 

These activities are designed to bring Scouters and senior sections together in ways that will give them opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills to enrich their back-home programs.  These sessions will provide a rare opportunity to learn and share with fellow members from across British Columbia and the Yukon, other provinces, the United States, and overseas. Scouters with exceptional skills in various topics have been recruited to plan and conduct the workshops. Some printed resource material may accompany the workshops.