Seen in Passing

Seen in Passing

By Lindsay Dagg and Randy Maze

We talked to a few of the many Groups arriving to set up for a fun week at PJ:

Spencer, a Scout from 1ST Strathmore in Calgary left home at 2 AM yesterday to fly to PJ . They camped outside the camp last night.  They were one of the first to arrive. His Group raised funds by bottle drives and a new one on me, a Highway Cleanup.  What a great idea!

2nd Brookwood from Langley left home at 3 AM to be on the first ferry this morning.

 Andrew from 1st Southdale in Winnipeg said they flew right through to Victoria.  Their flight left at 0330.  They used funds from Scout Popcorn, Apple Day and Scoutrees to raise funds for PJ.

OOS Venturer Ben is from 3rd Falmouth, near Dartmouth, NS.  He travelled by air in Vancouver, where he stayed for a few days and explored before flying into Victoria.  He will be working at the waterfront.  Everybody say Hi to Ben from Nova Scotia!

Scouter Sebastién, from 1st St. Mary’s in Vancouver said the patrol  took the bus to and from the ferry. 

Naomi from 1st Haney in Maple Ridge said they left home at 4 AM to drive to Tsawassen to meet the PJ transport system.  She said they raised funds with “many bottle drives.”

Chris from 207th Brookwood in Calgary said they raised funds with popcorn, bottle drives and chocolate sales.

Kim, a Scouter from 163rd Sherwood Park in Edmonton said they flew directly into Victoria, where Transport did a great job in getting them to Camp Barnard.

Dylan from 264th Somerset-Bridlewood in Calgary said they spent 18 hours in a bus and ferry to get to PJ.  His favourite activity was getting his pack off!  85th Lake View and 132nd Northheaven were on the same bus.

5th JDF and 1st Cedar Hill  drove here early this morning in hopes of beating the buses from ferry and airport  later in the morning.  1st Nanaimo had to leave early in the morning to o get here soon after the gates opened at 9:00.

 5th Coquitlam arrived in Victoria yesterday and camped overnight at Goldstream Provincial Campground.

3rd and15th Capilano arrived on the Island on Wednesday and have spent the last few days touring Victoria and Sidney.

8th Yorkton from Saskatchewan also flew into Victoria a few days ago and toured Nanaimo.

1st Laity View <picture> drove themselves on both sides of the ferry.

Alex and Charlene from 27th Guelph in Ontario drove all the Patrol equipment, a 7 day trip.  They met the rest of the patrol when they flew in this morning.

Where are you from and how did your journey go? We would love to hear your stories, so email us at or share with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under Pacific Jamboree.