67th Winnipeg Rovers here as OOS and to see Victoria

By Bruce Dagg

Five members of the 67th Winnipeg Rover Crew have travelled here to act as OOS, and are going to stick around Victoria for a few days afterwards to see some of the sights.  I met Catherine and Daniel, shown here, at breakfast this morning, and learned that they are part of the Valley of the Kings subcamp staff (I forgot to ask if the other three are also on subcamp staff or are serving in some other role at the Jamboree).  Although they camp down at Valley of the Kings they are still part of Excalibur Subcamp, and come down for all of their meals and have been up to the Camelot part of Excalibur several times for some of our movies and other social activities (Yes, OOS get some time off to enjoy the Jamboree too!).

After the Jamboree they have arranged to stay for five days at an Air B & B that sounds like it is within walking distance of many of the attractions that Victoria has to offer.  If you are visiting from other parts of the Province, the Country, or the World, I hope that you, too will have a chance to do some of the things that Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island have to offer.  If you don’t have time this visit, please come back!

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