Badge Boards

By Lyndsay Dagg

Have you seen the badge boards around camp? There is one in Olympus and Saga subcamps and of course one by the badger’s club in the meeting place. All three are run slightly differently but have the same general idea.

In Olympus, they are collecting a badge and a dollar for a chance to win all the badges once their board is full. They have already gone through one whole board and expect the second one to be filled by Tuesday or Wednesday. The first draw is tonight (Monday night) and the next will be whenever the board is full again.  All the money raised is going towards the no one left behind program.

Saga also has their own badge board at subcamp HQ.  They are not expecting money though, and all you need to do to enter is write your name on the back of a badge to be put on the board. They will be drawing badges for a winner on Friday.

The third and most central badge board on-site is outside the badger’s club in the meeting place.  They are also taking a badge and a dollar to get your badge on the board and will be drawing names on Friday. All the money they raise is going towards the World Scouting Brotherhood Fund which helps Scouting groups in developing regions.

With three boards around camp make sure you get a badge up there to support the great causes and for your chance to win all the amazing badges being posted.

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