Closing Time

By Lyndsay Dagg

It has been an amazing week, but all good things must come to an end. Friday night, almost everyone on site gathered on the playing field for a final farewell.

The closing ceremonies began with giant beach balls being tossed around over the heads of members from all four subcamps. As the subcamps and OOS from different activities arrived, they brought their chants with them, like “west wall best wall” from the rock climbers and Saga’s drums and chants.

To officially start the ceremony, the MC’s Luke and Rachell re-introduced themselves and did a role call for the subcamps. Next we were addressed by two elders from the T’Sou-ke nation; Jackie and Shelly.

There was a special presentation of the award for gallantry to a scout named Janand then the two winners of Barnard’s Got Talent performed. First was the Three Musketeers from 81st Hamilton who sang the cup song. This was followed by a dance by Bryn from 7th JDF. 

The MC’s split the crowd into two for a large cheer for the talent. Then a campfire song was led by Melissa. The Sasquatch made one last appearance bringing with him “I saw Sasquatches badges” and more t-shirts to be launched into the crowd.  He also performed a dance to Cotton Eye Joe and was joined by a bunch of Scouts who ran on stage to dance with him.

The two camp chiefs, Rachell and Bill, were called to stage where they addressed everyone, announced the jamboree official closed and were presented awards for all the hard work they put into PJ19.

Just before the ceremony ended, it was officially announced that PJ 2023 will be at Camp Byng on the Sunshine Coast. To end the ceremony, the band No Island played while people could choose to stay and listen or wander back to their subcamps for the night. After the ceremony all that was left was to say goodbye to all the new friends and be ready to leave the next morning with memories to last a lifetime. See you at PJ 23!

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See also our Closing Ceremony video!

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