Creatures of the deep

By Lyndsay Dagg

Have you seen the Aqua Van in the main field yet? Ocean wise (the same organisation that runs the Vancouver Aquarium) is a non-profit ocean conservation organization that has a number of educational programs including their Aqua Van. The Aqua Van goes to schools, events and camps to provide hands on education to children. Here at PJ they are one of the many activities the patrols signed up to do.

The Creatures of the deep adventure has three stations consisting of artifacts (bones and fossils), furs and live animals. The youth are split up into three groups and rotate through them, each with one of the Ocean wise experts here at the jamboree.

On top of the hands-on activities, there is also discussion on ocean conservation techniques and some ocean myths and legends. The kids all seamed to be having a great time at this fun but educational activity.

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