Cub Day

By Lyndsay Dagg and Randy Maze

Cub Day was a huge success, despite rain on and off throughout the day.  53 Cubs from 10 packs and 19 Scouters took part.  The furthest traveled was from 5th Calgary.  Scouter Amber told me her aim was for the Cubs to convince the others in the pack to go to Jamborees. 1st Hay Lakes also came from Alberta.

Other packs from outside Greater Victoria were 1st Cobble Hill and 1st Cumberland.  5th Juan de Fuca had the largest number, with 15 Cubs.

Mike, the organizer of the event, talked about the great support he received from everyone at PJ.   Some of the activities, like the obstacle course, were only available when the participants were having lunch between morning and afternoon sessions.  They gave up their free time for the Cubs.

The program started under cover outside a kitchen.  The cubs heard the rules of the camp, decorated hats with their names on them, and did a craft, while waiting for the obstacle course to be free.  Then the group was split in 2, and half went to the obstacle course, while the others played games on the main field, did crafts and heard about Leave No Trace.

After lunch, the 2 groups switched programs. Then they all gathered for a talk from Scouter Kim about badge trading.  They were each given a bag of badges, and they were off and running.  Soon there was trading going on all over a corner of the playing field, and Cubs were showing off their good trades.  It was hard for Scouter Mike to get them to stop trading to move on.

The plan was to visit a subcamp, but time ran out. After a short time at the beach (and more trading), it was time for the Cubs to walk out of camp, still talking about their trades.  If you asked them what they liked, some would say the obstacle course, but more would talk about trading.  One way or other, we hope to see them at the next PJ at Camp Byng!

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