Departure Day

By Randy Maze

We talked to lots of Scouts on Departure Day.  Some were walking out of camp; some were carrying their packs and patrol gear as well.  All were up early. Here are their stories:

  • 1st Prospect – Halifax NS – Aeden and Griffin both liked Wild Play.
  • 25th Nepean – Ottawa, Ont – Paige liked exploring Victoria, Julie the Obstacle Course.
  • 21st Capilano – Vancouver – Ethan liked Water Play, Paige and Emily liked the Obstacle Course.
  • 6th St. Agnes – Vancouver – Findlay liked everything.
  • 1st Leduc – Alberta – Lincoln liked the trip to Victoria.
  • 32nd Richmond – BC – Hagan liked meeting new people and teamwork.
  • 6th Peace Arch – BC – Jack liked China Beach.
  • 9th Fort McMurray -Alta – Soham liked Wild Play and Badge Trading.
  • 3rd Douglas – Victoria – Shawn liked the whole camp.
  • 9th Poco – Vancouver- Clive liked Badge Trading.
  • 1st Leduc – Alta – Justin liked climbing Mount Bluff, Alex liked Paddleboard.
  • 38th Simons Creek – Calgary – Tristan liked the Juan de Fuca trail overnight trip.
  • 4th Squamish Sea Scouts – BC – Nathan liked Wild Play.
  • 47th Windsor – Ont – Jason liked Swimming in the pool.
  • 1st Haney – BC – Luca and Kate liked visiting Victoria.
  • 1st Armstrong – BC – Abby liked Mountain Biking.
  • 23rd Brandon – Man – Claire liked Mountain Biking and Badge Trading.
  • 4th Surdel – Vancouver – Greg liked Mountain Biking.
  • 3rd West Vancouver – BC – Dreighton liked Paddleboard.
  • 1st Glenayre – Vancouver – Savala liked Badge Trading.
  • 1st Oilfields – Alta – Chase liked Padddleboard.
  • 9th Fort McMurray – Alta – Rylan liked Wild Play.
  • 3rd Oldfield – Alta – Spencer liked sleeping.
  • 6th Barnabas – Calgary – Kol liked walking and the swimming pool.
  • 25th Dunbar – Vancouver –Mark and Victor liked the Obstacle Course.

Everyone seemed to have had a great time at PJ.  Hot Showers (or a hot bath with blue bubbles) were next on most agendas.  Next was sleep in a bed.  See you at PJ 23!

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