Humans of PJ – Geoff and Jennifer

We’ve met many inspiring Scouts, Scouters and volunteers this week! Here we share a few of their stories – send us yours!

Reflecting on what makes Scouting meaningful for them:

Geoff (5 years of Scouting): Watching Scouts grow from when they start first year, to where they not only learn their Scouting skills and move up from second, third and fourth year but grow with leadership skills. Showing other younger Scouts what to do and then taking control of how the youth do their work.

Scouting is what you make of it. It’s not just putting youth into a group that go off and do things. It’s also Scouters working together with the youth.

Jennifer (7 years of Scouting): There is both the good for the kids and good for the adults. For the kids, it’s the leadership skills and the confidence that it builds and then for the Scouters the same thing. It’s learning how to work together in a team and growing your skills that you may not use for work.

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