Myths & Legends: Saga and the Cave of Wonders

Myths & Legends is a peek at some of the background we’ve discovered to the themes used by the subcamps, departments, and patrols at PJ. Add your comments or send us your story!


The word Saga was first seen in English in 1709, but it dates back much further in Norway and Iceland.  It describes the legends and old stories of Iceland and Norway. It comes from the Old Norse words for their long tales. Some modern writers use sagas as background for their books.  For instance, “The Lord of the Rings” uses Icelandic sagas to describe magical creatures, and the Narnia books use Norse saga material.

The Cave of Wonders

In “Aladdin”, the people of Agrabah had a legend about a magical cave called the Cave of Wonders. It was said that it could only be entered by a “diamond in the rough” or someone whose worth may not be obvious on the outside but was extraordinary on the inside. Anyone who tried to enter but was not worthy would die instantly. Inside it was said to be filled with everything you need, like piles of riches and magical objects.

Here at PJ, the Quartermasters provide all of the gear that is needed for the camp. Everybody is welcome at this Cave of Wonders, but it has treasures just the same for those who are worthy (PJ members). Come by and get everything you need for the camp and maybe ask the quartermasters about the treasures they have for you.


  1. Pete Ballantyne

    Are there any First Nations sagas at PJ? One that comes to mind is that behind the “saga” of the Forbidden Plateau just up the road at the Comox Valley.

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