Narnia (Fun Zone) passport

By Lyndsay Dagg

Have you visited Narnia yet? If not, many of you will visit it as a scheduled adventure throughout your week.  You can also drop in from 7-9 every night and when you do visit, make sure to grab a passport.

Narnia is hosting an activity throughout the week where patrols must complete a series of tasks to earn a cool prize.  The patrol must complete 3 crafts, play 3 individual games and 2 team games and take a group selfie at 5 of the 21 selfie stations all around camp.

A group doesn’t need to complete everything in one day. Just hold onto your passports and come back another time. Once a group has completed everything on their passport, they win a supper cool wooden Narnia keychain.

Keychains are not the only thing you can win while visiting Narnia. The team members will also be giving out Narnia badges if they see exceptional examples of scouting spirit or for people who are the overall winners of some of the games at the end of the day. <PJ-PR/ PJ 2019 logos crests/Narnia badge>

Make sure to make your way to Narnia for all these cool prizes and we would love to see all the beautiful selfies you take so please share with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under Pacific Jamboree. 

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