Nessie’s Lair (obstacle course)

By Lyndsay Dagg

On Monday night I got the chance to do the obstacle course and let me say, it is a lot harder than it looks. The station is split into 4 sections with 6 patrols per section at a time. Two of the sections are team building, one is a speed obstacle course and the fourth is a high ropes course.

The high ropes course has multiple rope nets, tightropes and wooden bridges that are suspended above ground between the trees. Everyone starts at one of the locations and does the course until they get back where they started. Everyone is constantly monitored by one of the 30 OOS on staff.

The speed course is where all the ground obstacles are. They have tires to run through and nets to crawl under. The most challenging is the wall you have to climb over. It has two paths; one with a few steps and one with nothing to help you up but a rope. I regret to admit that I was not able to get over the wall, but there where those who were successful .

All-in-all, anyone scheduled for this adventure is bound to have a great time. Don’t wear your best clothes!

Also check out our Facebook album of obstacle course photos!

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