OOS from around the globe

By Lyndsay Dagg

How far did you travel to get to the Jamboree? Many of the Offers of Service came from inside BC. Others come from further away like Alberta. Some, like me, may have only had to travel a short distance if they live on the island. There are also those who come from the other side of the country and other countries all over the world.

In SAGA subcamp there are four different international OOS’s from three countries. Fiona and Matt came from Hull, England and are part of the Blacktoft Beacon Scouts. Fiona heard about PJ from Peter, a Canadian OOS she met when they were both at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan. They also went to the 2017 World Scout Moot in Iceland together and she decided to come to check out PJ, bring along her friend Matt.

Fiona from Hull, England

Cecilia, another SAGA OOS, came to the jamboree from Gothenburg, Sweden. She, like Fiona, heard about it from a Canadian OOS she met working at KISC (Kandersteg International Scout Center, a permanent mini jamboree in Kandersteg, Switzerland). She has been to multiple international Jamborees all over the world but never in North America and is excited to be here at PJ.

Cecilia from Gothenburg, Sweden

The Valley of the Kings subcamp has OOS from a little closer to here but in no way less travelled. 71-year-old (72 on Thursday) Jimmy is from Virginia, USA but goes to an international jamboree at least once a year. He is in the National Capital Area Council (the largest council in the States) and has been to jamborees all over the world. Every jamboree he goes to, he meets people from other countries and hears about the jamborees in the countries they come from. This is his first PJ (and jamboree in Canada), but he already plans to come back for more in the future.

Jimmy from Virginia, USA

Where are you from and how did your journey go? We would love to know, so email us at webandsocial.pj@scouts.ca or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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