PJ Legacy Project: Building the Sasquatch Trail

By Bruce Dagg

In behind Subcamp Saga there is a construction project going on.  In his famous “Chief’s Last Message”, Lord Baden-Powell urged us all to try to leave the world a little better than we found it. PJ19’s legacy project seeks to leave Camp Barnard a little better than we found it, by restoring a series of old and overgrown trails on the western side of Young Lake. 

I saw several teams of Scouts and some Scouters working on different jobs, under the watchful eyes of “Trail Boss” Meredith and her team.  Crews were carrying and cutting logs to make cribbing for a new bridge, wheelbarrowing gravel and raking or shoveling it into place, working to remove a large stump from a future wilderness campsite, and cutting back brush and vines that were overgrowing the trail in places, and earned a Legacy Badge project for their efforts. 

This reporter even got into the spirit and put down his camera for a moment to help with moving a large log.  When you come back to Camp Barnard in years to come and walk the Sasquatch Trail you can be proud that PJ19 played a role in building it!

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