Preparing for a jamboree

PJ Preps

By Randy Maze

I walked around the camp this afternoon, and everywhere I looked there were OOS working hard to be ready for the arrival of the Scouts and Scouters tomorrow.  In the Subcamps, the last picnic tables were being put together, or the team was meeting to identify things that need to be done.  Waste and recycling bins were being marked.  Site services were everywhere. Everyone was busy.

I talked to Bea Collier-Pandya, the sub-camp Chief and Colleen Butler, the Deputy.  They were busy setting up places for the gear trucks to put the equipment for the participants.  Bea was very happy that the sub-camos would be ready.  She was especially impressed that each subcamp had a special dinner for their OOS last night, as a thank-you for the hard work so far and more to come. 

Bring on the Scouts!

Subcamps Prepare

By Bruce Dagg

The day before the first Scouts arrive, Subcamp staff are still hard at work getting things ready.  At Subcamp Saga the sites have been marked out with string and supplied with tables, all ready for assembly and use for a week, and headquarters and gateway are ready to go.  I didn’t get down to Valley of the Kings or Olympus today, but I’m told they are also well on the way to being ready to welcome their residents. 

Here is a picture of Saga HQ, and two photos of part of the camping area, taken about 3:30 pm on Friday.  Compare this with what the site will look like or does look like 24 hours later!  

Of course, Subcamp Excalibur, where most of the OOS live, has been ready for a few days and already has over 400 inhabitants on multiple teams, all working hard to get things ready for an awesome week of Scouting!

The gateway into Subcamp Excalibur

Waterfront Preparations

By Bruce Dagg

Well before the first Scouts arrive, your lifeguard team is hard at work getting the beach ready for swimming and other fun water activities, doing things such as raking the beach so you have somewhere nice to sit, and cleaning weeds off the lake bottom.  Be sure to take advantage of your opportunities to use this area, and don’t forget to help them for their hard work!

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