Rock Climbing – Conquering Mt. Olympus

by Lyndsay Dagg

Way at the back of Camp Barnard lies the famous Mt. Olympus. At least that is what they are calling the rock-climbing wall there. They can take up to 75 participants at a time and split them up between the three stations they have.  There is a bouldering wall at the entrance and then in the back on the rock face they have top-line rock climbing and repelling around the corner.

The activity is run by multiple OOS of all different experience and they are easily identified around the camp by their helmets, harnesses and “west wall, best wall” chant, which returned from the last PJ (PJ’15) four years ago.

Despite the station being named after a Greek mythical location the also have a scouting version of Tibetan Prayer flags. The OOS of the station all brought their own neckers to camp which have been tied together and strung up by the bouldering wall.  

Have a great time if this is one of your scheduled adventures but make sure to listen to all the safety rules given by the OOS.

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