Seen in Passing II

by Randy Maze and Lindsay Dagg

Scouter Dave from 1st Kinosoo, Cold Lake, Alta. The patrol drove, leaving last Monday.  They were able to take the time to see lots of attractions on the way.

The Beach Boys, 6 OOS who spent the day unloading trucks of patrol gear.  5 were from 1st Glenayr, Port Moody, and Aiden was from 2nd   Bonnyville.  Well done, guys! I’m sure you’ll sleep well tonight.

Jack from 2nd Kingsville from Ontario. They started flying Thursday, but had a layover in Calgary.  To get here, they had carwashes, worked at the Highland Games and other activities.

Scouter Melissa from 2nd Bonnyville Alta – her patrol drove to Tsawassen, starting Thursday.

They used popcorn sales and bottle drives to earn money for PJ.

Scouter Angie took time from setting up.1st Cumberland from Vancouver Island.  They drove down, starting at 9 AM.

1st BX from Vernon was setting up.  They drove to Tsawassen and took our Transport to Camp.  They held car washes, bagged groceries and applied for funds from the “110 men who give a darn”, who gave them a large donation.

Scouter Heiko from 132 Northhaven in Calgary told me they were another patrol on the 18 hour bus ride to PJ .  They held bottle drives, sold almonds, bacon and “Mothers’ pantry”.

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