Setting up camp

By Bruce Dagg

This afternoon in the subcamps it was impressive to see how quickly camp was being set up by a lot of groups.  I spotted several of the groups I had seen in the morning at the offsite parking, and most of them were well on the way to being fully organized and ready for a week of adventure. 

At the 5th Juan de Fuca camp in Valley of the Kings, all the work was done and several of the Scouts were sitting at the table playing cards, as seen in the picture here <July 6/photos/Bruce Dagg/camp setup/DSC_0797>!  Nearby was the 2nd Langley, who had arrived a little later and were just getting started. <July 6/photos/Bruce Dagg/camp setup/DSC_0799> This group brought 2 scouters and 9 Scouts, which is one more than you are allowed in a patrol at PJ.  They solved the problem by arranging to have two of their scouts join a group from Cloverdale, which is a neighbouring municipality, for the week. 

The two patrols are camped right next to each other, and I’m sure they will do a lot of stuff together.  What a great example of Scouting fellowship!

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