Subcamps HQ

 By Bruce Dagg

Have you ever wondered what goes on at Machu Picchu, a.k.a. Subcamps HQ?  Each of the subcamps has their own HQ, so what does a Subcamps HQ do?  I wondered too, so Lyndsay and I went to find out. 

It turns out that there are only two people stationed there, the Subcamps Chief Bea and Deputy Chief Colleen, but they have the key role of making sure that the three participant Subcamps get all of the information and support they need quickly.  Colleen also told us that they get lots of information requests from participants, and if they don’t have the answers they can get them, as they are in radio communication with Administration and most of the other key groups like Transportation and Program.  Also, if your patrol has an off-site activity planned, Machu Picchu is where your Scouters go for a meeting the previous evening to make sure they have all of the information they need to make the activity run smoothly. 

Stop in if you have any questions, or just to say “Hi” and thank this small but essential t team for what they do!

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