The Admin Team

By Randy Maze

Administration, like Site Services, is mostly a hidden area, but an essential service in keeping PJ running smoothly.  Ross, the Administration Chief, told me that the admin team is mostly working on closing.  His “favourite” duty is to attend planning meetings but, more importantly, he coordinates all the activities of his team.  He says what he appreciates is that his team is all self-starters, which makes his job easier.

In the office were:

  • Mike, the Deputy Camp Chief Christine, who tracks unit information, and can find any participant quickly;
  • Karen, who tracks OOS information;
  • Dan, who does finance: and
  • The Admin Hobbits, Tina, Dorothy, Kerry, Joan and Angel, who look after the only phone number advertised for camp, dispatch, the charging station and whatever else is needed.

Admin also looks after Visitor Services (Grant) and the IT team (Chris).  Mercury, the PR team (Zach), is also under the Administration team.  You can see that Administration team is wide-ranging and essential, but mostly unseen. If you see any of the team, thank them for what they do.

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