The Narnia Fun Zone

By Bruce Dagg

I think most of the patrols are scheduled to go to the Narnia Fun Zone at some point during the Jamboree.  When you are there you will discover a lot of different options, including crafts, individual or two person challenges/games, and team games.  Do enough of them in each category and you get a cool badge. 

Crafts I saw included beading, making things with paracord, painting your own miniature canoe paddle, leather work (for a small additional charge), and many others.  Challenge a friend or two at the giant Jenga game or a similar game involving balls and slender sticks, or see how high you can climb a stack of milk crates, while fully protected from falling by belaying ropes and trained staff – the record when I was there on Monday afternoon was 17 crates high! 

There are lots of team games as well, like human Foosball and human Hungry-Hungry Hippos!  And don’t worry if you can’t fit everything in during your three-hour time slot – several of the games are open in the evening for drop-ins!

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