Up upon the hill

by Jorden Hiscock

At the far end of camp, on the hill of Olympus subcamp lie the mountain bikers. Day in and day out Scouters learn not only how to mountain bike safely but also bike repair. As one group rides into the forest, others learn the different parts of the bike, the essential ABCD’s of biking (Air, Brakes, Chain, Drop) and how to properly change a tire, demonstrating this feat in only one minute and twelve seconds.

After an informative session, the next group gears up and begins to head out onto the trail. The returning youth have said that the uphill was tough but worth it for the rush they get going back down. The course was made by Lorien and Conner of Sooke Mountain Cycle who provided the bikes and have spent over 400 hours in the past perfecting the trail that will be used all week.

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