Whale Watching

By Bruce Dagg

For patrols wanting a little less free time in their schedules, PJ has arranged discounts at several commercial operations in Victoria, combined with transport to and from downtown and free time afterwards in some cases.  One patrol from the 5th Juan de Fuca group in Langford took advantage of this opportunity on Monday and went Whale Watching, along with 3 – 4 other patrols and some members of the public, on a three to four-hour tour.

The boat had several viewing areas, so there was lots of room.  They left from the inner harbour and sailed about halfway across the Strait of Juan to Fuca towards Washington State, where they saw about 6 humpback whales.  Near Race Rocks they saw sea lions, an otter, an eagle, and lots of other sea birds.  Later they visited Fisherman’s Wharf.  Sounds like a great day! 

Thanks to Scouter Steve McIntosh for these amazing pictures!

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