The Food Dudes

The Food Dudes

By Lyndsay Dagg

There used to be a scouter in my group that said, “Scout camps are all about the food.”  The longer I stay in Scouting the more I agree with him.  Food is a fundamental part of any camp, especially large-scale ones like Jamborees. It is what brings people together and the two food team heads, Shelly and Dave, are firm believers in the importance of food.

Shelly is in charge of all OOS feeding. The biggest thing she and the Food Dudes do is to provide food for most OOS three times a day at the feeding tent. On top of this, they provide coolers of lunch for off-site OOS, and those working in the subcamps, rock climbing and mountain biking. There are also coolers for EHS (Emergency, Health, Services) plus Security staff working night shifts, so they can have a midnight meal.

Dave oversees the food distribution to the participants. Between lunch and dinner, the youth have to come to the distribution tent to pick up food for the next three meals (dinner, breakfast, and lunch). They only take what food the patrol needs, which has reduced a lot a waste compared to PJ15. The other benefit is that none of the OOS are doing any graveyard shifts, like they did at PJ 15, to get the food ready to bring out to the subcamps.

One of the big things the Food Dudes stress is being food safe.  Every cooler has a list of what is inside, as well as what to do with the cooler. Inside the kitchen, there are meticulous instructions on making sure all the food is being served and stored according to BC Food Safe standards.

One thing that both Dave and Shelly found easier this jamboree, was being able to accommodate dietary issues. Gluten free, vegetarian and lactose free products are easier to find in stores these days. They also received a generous donation of GF, DF, vegan deserts and breads from Kate Cram, the commissioner for 1st Ladysmith, who owns a completely GF restaurant called the Wild Poppy Bistro. 

The Food Dude team has been working tirelessly all of PJ19  to make sure everyone is well fed.  The meals have been awesome, so make sure to give them your thanks next time you go get some food.