Badge Trading

by Randy Maze

Badge trading is one of the most popular activities at any jamboree, and PJ is no exception.  I looked through the Badgers’ tent, where many badge collections are displayed.  Rex, a Badger from New Zealand, told me what a big job the Badgers have.  Each of the 8 tables has a Badger supervising to ensure trades are fair for both sides, and that the trading rules are followed.

The most popular badges are ghost series, and this PJ, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon   What impressed me the most was that there were as many adult traders as youth, but when you’re trading, everyone is equal.  Also, most of the tables had one or two just watching.  Future traders?

If you want to try trading, a good start is to go to the Badgers’ tent and spend $10 to join the Badgers; they will give you a package of badges to start you out.   There is also trading going on in the subcamps, but these sites are unsupervised, although the rules should still be followed.

Rules to keep  badge trading fun!

  1. Do not trade if you feel pressured or do not want to.
  2. Ask a Badger or a Scouter for help if you have a question or feel uncomfortable.
  3. Trade badges one for one.
  4. Do not put the badges you want to keep with the ones you want to trade.
  5. Trade for the badges you want.  It’s your collection!
  6. Keep your badges safe. Don’t lose them!
  7. Follow the Scout Law. Complete every trade with a Scout handshake.

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