Departures Information

Please view the following documents for Departures information. Info for Participant departures will be added soon!

OOS Ferry July 13 Departures

July 13 Airport Departures (Participant Patrols & OOS)

ALL Departues on July 14 – Ferry & Airport

Please read the full documents as there is a lot of information included.

The Transportation Team is now located in McPherson Lodge at the top of the hill near Subcamp Excalibur (the OOS Subcamp) 

The Pacific Jamboree Transportation team will get you (and your stuff) from here to there! PJ Transportation looks after coordinating arrivals and departures of Participants and OOS and moving Participants between Camp Barnard and the many off-site activities.

PJ 2019 Travel Handbook

Handbook updated February 19, 2019

Arrivals Information (July 6, 2019)

July 6 will be a busy day as 2200 participants arrive at PJ! Whether you are arriving by ferry, plane, or private vehicle, the Transportation Team has put together some important information for you on where to meet to catch your ferry, where to find the PJ bus at YYJ, or where to find the off-site parking lot.

Read the Arrivals Information document here 

Note: this document is geared towards Patrols arriving on July 6.

BC Ferries has issued a ‘large traffic volume’ service notice for foot and vehicle passengers on July 6 and 13, 2019. Participants and OOS not using PJ transportation should read the advisory and be prepared to make vehicle reservations or allow additional travel time as delays are likely.

Travel Schedules

Travel schedules updated June 26, 2019 @ 20:30 PDT

Transportation schedules for DEPARTURES will be provided on site.

REGARDING CHANGES: For changes to DEPARTURE schedules, please see the Transportation Team at the on-site Transportation Office (McPherson Lodge). Transport team members will be available to help adjust schedules, answer questions, settle payments, and for general transportation questions. 

NOTE: All travel assignments are subject to change until the Contact Scouter receives confirmation.

– Changes to these schedules are NOT permitted unless airline information is incorrect.
– Invoices for PJ transportation will be issued in June.
– Ferry travel vouchers will be issued in June.
– Airline passengers will receive a confirmation for arrival and departure in June. 

Ferry & Airport Schedules

Participant ferry schedules are posted. These schedules are subject to change. Every effort has been made to allow groups to travel on their first selection. Some multi patrol groups are split to maximize the seats on busses while keeping patrols together. 

Airport arrival schedules are posted. Please review and ensure your travel information is correct – # passengers, and flight number. The departure schedules will hopefully be posted in June. If not, they will be posted at PJ and can be adjusted.

OOS Ferry (July 2-5th)

All OOS that requested group travel to the Jamboree will take the 10:00 AM sailing on July 2, 3, 4, 5th. A bus will pick up your group from Swartz Bay ferry terminal and take you to camp

Payment for Travel

Invoices and confirmations for travel will be sent in June. Participant Patrols are required to have full payment submitted to the Jamboree for Registration, Equipment Rental/Fuel, and Transportation prior to check-in at Camp Barnard. Please help us by mailing your payments to the Jamboree before arriving at camp on July 6, 2019.

Using the Travel Schedules (above) please calculate your amounts outstanding using the posted fares:

We are trying to issue invoices to everyone, but please don’t wait for your invoice before sending payment. You know how many people in your group is travelling and by which method.

Participant Patrols – Payment for transportation services can be made by cheque. Please make the cheque out to “Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree ” and mailed to

Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree
505 Marigold Rd
Victoria, BC  V8Z 4R5

Please write your patrol number in the memo line.

OOS – Payment for transportation services can be made by cheque, bank draft, or e-transfer. Cheques (or bank draft or money order) should be made payable to “Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree ” and mailed to

Scouts Canada Pacific Jamboree
505 Marigold Rd
Victoria, BC  V8Z 4R5

Please write your OOS number in the memo line.

Electronic transfers are accepted for OOS registrations (not for Patrols).  Details for payment by electronic transfer are included in the Welcome Letter from the PJ2019 OOS Registrar.

Private Vehicles & Drop off at Camp Barnard

At PJ 2019, ALL vehicles will be directed to the off-site parking lot to unload passengers and gear. This includes drop off not requiring parking. Your patrol will unload camp gar from your vehicle and load it into a PJ pickup truck or cargo van. This will be taken to a drop point on the road to subcamps, past the registration area. Every item loaded into the cargo trucks must have your colour coded PJ luggage tag and unit number so you can find your items! Subcamp colours – Saga is Yellow, Valley of the Kings is Turquoise or Green, and Olympus is Blue. Youth and Scouters will be driven by shuttle van into the camp for registration.

Participant Patrol vehicles should park in Parking Lot #2. View the map here (updated July 5 15:20)

Off-site parking will open at 8:30 am on July 6, 2019. Please park close to the vehicles near you so we can accommodate everyone. Please drive slow and watch for pedestrians in the parking lot.

Vehicles left at off-site parking is at your own risk. The parking lot will not be patrolled. The Pacific Jamboree is not responsible for loss or theft while parking your vehicle in one of the designated parking areas.

Eliminating foot traffic on the narrow camp road and around the camp gates will help us reduce the risk of injury and vehicle congestion. Private vehicle unloading will not be permitted at the camp gate as in previous years

OOS Arrivals and Parking

OOS arriving before July 4 at 6 pm may drive into Camp Barnard to drop off their gear and to check in. After checking in, OOS must move their vehicles to Parking Lot #1 at 3033 Youngs Lake Road (directly across from the main gate). OOS may then walk back to the camp. Vehicles left at off-site parking is at your own risk. The parking lot will not be patrolled. The Pacific Jamboree is not responsible for loss or theft while parking your vehicle in one of the designated parking areas.

View a map of the PJ 2019 Parking locations here

Special Requests

Private transfers to/from Victoria area available for groups. This will be at the cost of each group(s). If you have further questions please contact

Do you have further questions? Please read the Travel Handbook and connect with other scouts & leaders on the PJ Facebook Discussion Group.

Travel Survey

Travel Surveys for both Participant Patrols and OOS are now CLOSED. (June 6, 2019)

A Travel Survey must be completed for each Patrol and OOS attending PJ 2019.

Transportation Fees

The above fees are in addition to Pacific Jamboree registration fees for both Participants and Offers of Service. 

Getting to Camp Barnard

By Air: For those arriving by Air, Victoria International Airport is located approximately 2 hours from Camp Barnard.  Information on the Airport may be found on their website.

Note: PJ2019 Management has obtained a Discount Code for WestJet  – see your Participant or OOS Welcome Letter for the code. 

By Road: For those arranging their own transportation and driving from the Victoria area, Camp Barnard is located approximately 1-hour drive from Victoria. Location information can be found on Camp Barnard’s website under the Contact Tab.

By Ferry:

Swartz Bay: For those arranging their own Bus or Car Transportation from Vancouver, Camp Barnard is located approximately 2 hours drive from Swartz Bay Terminal. Information on the Terminal may be found on their website.

Departure Bay: For those arranging their own Bus or Car Transportation from Vancouver’s North Shore, Camp Barnard is located approximately a 3-hour drive from Departure Terminal which is in Nanaimo. Information on the Terminal may be found on their website.

Transportation Partners

Transportation FAQ

The Pacific Jamboree will be here before you know it! To help participants and volunteers plan to attend camp, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions. Detailed information will be posted as soon as possible.

Will the Jamboree be organizing transportation to and from camp?
Yes! The Jamboree is organizing transportation for Offer of Service and Participants before and after the Jamboree.

You should indicate your travel plans in your registration form.  If your plans change, update your registration form.  The Transport team will be contacting each OOS with details around their indicated travel plans. 

Where can I meet the transportation offered by the Jamboree?
Offers of Service– Busses will pick up registered riders at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal and Victoria International Airport (YYJ).  Transportation will be available for Arrivals on July 3rd, 4th, and 5thand Departures on July 14th.

Participants– Patrols that register to travel to/from camp will start their travels on July 6thby dropping off all patrol gear at the Tsawwassen Mills shopping mall. After dropping off equipment, Patrols will board buses for a short ride to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. All passengers will walk onto the ferry. In Swartz Bay, registered riders will board buses for the 1.5 hr ride to Camp Barnard. All Patrol Gear will be trucked to camp.

I’m flying into Vancouver International Airport (YVR) or Abbotsford Airport (YXX). Will the Jamboree provide transportation from this airport to the Jamboree?
Transportation will be available from Swartz Bay (OOS Only) or Tsawwassen (Participants Only) Ferry Terminals, or from Victoria International Airport (YYJ). We encourage all participants and volunteers flying to the Jamboree to make Victoria (YYJ) their final destination.

If you cannot make Victoria International Airport your final destination, we encourage you to visit the Pacific Jamboree Facebook page to try and connect with local groups or share local ground transportation options to meet the group transportation offered by the Jamboree.

Will discounts be available for groups driving onto the ferry or walking on and making their own travel arrangements to camp?
The Jamboree is providing an all-inclusive arrival plan for participants and offer of service which includes gear transportation. As a result, we are not offering any discounts for private vehicles or other passenger types.

Is the cost of travelling to and from the Jamboree included in the camp fees?
For some participants, Camp Barnard is a short drive from home. For others, it may take a day to travel to camp! To provide a fair approach, the cost of travelling to camp is the responsibility of each participant and offer of service and is not included in your camp fees. The fee for travel on the PJ Busses will be posted soon.

Is there parking? 

There is limited parking available, approximately 1,500 m from the campsite. Please carpool as much as possible. If you plan to park in the parking lot, once your car is parked, it will remain in that spot for the duration of camp.

No vehicles will be permitted on the campsite after the start of PJ.

Will trailers be allowed? 

You may use a trailer to bring your gear and equipment to the main loading area. Trailers cannot be left at the campsites during the event. We do not have facilities to allow the use of camper trailers or RVs.

Travel Discount Codes

WestJet is able to offer 5% off Econo* and 10% off Flex and Plus fares for travel within Canada and 2% off Econo*, 5% off Flex and 10% off Plus base fares for guests travelling Trans-border** into and out of Victoria. Travel must take place between July 1-20, 2019. The discount will apply to one way or round trip travel. The discount is available to registered OOS and Patrols only – please refer to your Welcome Letter for the code

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