Free Ice Cream Night at PJ 2019

By Randy Maze

Two of the Mercury staff  went to the ice cream service put on by 1st BX and 1st Coldstream  patrols, both from the Vernon area.  The patrols arranged to keep the ice cream in the freezer and deliver 3 large tubs to the patrols.  The event was exciting.  The 3 tubs were served by 3 Scouts from the 2 patrols who served until the ice cream ran out.

The patrols were in the middle of the Valley of the Kings area.  The line for ice cream stretched all the way out of the entrance and down the main road.  Of course, the ice cream wouldn’t last that long, but about 300 Scouts were served.  Thank you 1st Coldstream and 1st BX on behalf of everyone that got a cone or cup of ice cream!

While they were setting up, we had a chance to meet some great Scouts and Scouters.  Danica of 1st BX told me the patrol was in Narnia today and had a super time.  Their program includes STEM, Archery and Sasquatch, the Legacy trail.  They are excited about STEM.  She explained that their name is based on a railway company that used to serve their area.

Elena, a patrol leader from 1st Coldstream, told me that they were also going to STEM and Fencing.  She was excited about visiting Victoria, because she hadn’t been there before.  Both Elena and Danica were serving ice cream, and they were great about staying polite, working until their tub was empty, then pitching in together to serve until all tubs were empty, then helping to clean up.

It was a privilege to meet these two great troops andsee first-hand the spirit and leadership in the Scouts of both 1st BX and 1st Coldstream.

WATCH: 1st BX and 1st Coldstream hosted a free ice cream night in Valley of the Kings Subcamp at 8 o’clock sharp Monday evening (July 8). The groups host an ice cream giveaway at every jamboree they attend. The line stretched as far as the eye could see, and in a flash the ice cream was gobbled up by hungry Scouts.

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