Family Day is Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Family Day is the best time to visit your youth at PJ. Please confirm with your youth’s Patrol Scouters to ensure they will be on site, and not scheduled for an off-site activity. The below regulations apply to family visitors.

Visitors are most welcome at Pacific Jamboree 2019! To ensure your safety and the safety of PJ participants, there are a few rules visitors must follow.

Read the PDF version of the Visitor Procedure here


Scouts Canada has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for all members of Scouts Canada attending Pacific Jamboree 2019 at Camp Barnard in Sooke, B.C.


The intent of this procedure is to enable all members of Scouts Canada attending PJ 2019 to identify visitors entering PJ 2019 at Camp Barnard.


This procedure is approved by the Camp Youth Chair/Camp Chair of PJ 2019.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. All visitors at PJ 2019 are required to read, sign and comply with the Scouts Canada Code of Conduct.
  2. When attending PJ 2019, all visitors are required to sign in and sign out of PJ 2019 through Visitor Services.
  3. All visitors will be asked to provide a cellular telephone number to Visitor Services when they sign in to PJ 2019.
  4. All visitors will be required to provide proof of identity before receiving a visitor’s pass and are required to wear a visitor pass at all times while attending PJ 2019. Scouts Canada members visiting PJ 2019 may be required to wear a different form of identification.
  5. Visitors may be required to leave some form of identification such as a driver’s license with Visitor Services when they sign in and may pick up their identification up leaving PJ 2019.
  6. Visitors must identify who they are visiting at PJ 2019 and the location they are visiting.
  7. Any Scouts Canada member who has invited a visitor to PJ 2019 is required to meet their visitor at Visitor Services and assume responsibility for that visitor until the visitor leaves PJ 2019.
  8. No visitors will be allowed to visit PJ 2019 before 10:00 AM.
  9. Visitors are required to be signed out and leave PJ 2019 no later than 9:00 PM on the day they visited PJ 2019 unless previously authorized to stay for a longer term.
  10. The Camp Youth Chair/Camp Chair or their designate reserve the right to refuse entry to any visitor and the right to request any visitor to leave PJ 2019 at any time.


Rachel Robilliard
Camp Youth Chair PJ 2019, Scouts Canada

Bill Schulte
Camp Chair PJ 2019, Scouts Canada

Visitor Procedure last updated June 14, 2019

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